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SEAOC 2013 Convention Proceedings

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Proceedings with abstracts from the 2013 SEAOC Convention held September 18-21 in San Diego, CA


An Evaluation of Current Practices Related to the Development and Implementation of Acceptance Criteria and Product Evaluation Reports
Mark A. Moore, SE p. 13

2013 California Building Code Amendments for Schools in California
Ron LaPlante p. 30

Here’s What Your Client Agreement Says, So What Does your Insurance Policy Say?
John M Feeny, Peter B. Molgaard p. 36

The Regent Emirates Pearl Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mark Plechaty , Ahmed Osman , Whitney Morris, Nicolas Rodrigues p. 39

A Case Study in Nonlinear Analysis and Performance Based Design
Susendar Muthukumar ,  Lawrence A. Burkett, Rafael Sabelli, Joe Maffei p. 45

Virtual Redesign of the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research Building Using Controlled Rocking as the Primary Lateral Load Resisting System with Modeling in SAP 2000
Sandesh Aher, Doug Hohbach, Simran Tiwana p. 56

Adaptive Reuse: Creating a New School of Dentistry in an Outdated Urban Office Building
Allen Nudel, Masume Dana, Lindsey Maclise p. 63

Comparative Discussion of Design Criteria for Base Isolated Buildings following a Performance-Based Methodology
Mark Sarkisian, Eric Long, David Shook, Abel Diaz, Peter Lee p. 75

Seismic Isolation Design Criteria for Continued Functionality
Victor Zayas p. 95

Mining in Fremont: A Data Management Case Study
Graeme Ballantyne, Warren Pottebaum, Theresa Curtis p. 109


Seismic Isolation and Structural Retrofit of Haitian Heritage Cathedral
H Kit Miyamoto, Devis Sonda, Akira Wada p. 114

Life-Cycle Assessment for Structural Engineers
Megan Stringer, Frances Yang p. 127

Lessons Learned from Recent LCA Studies
Frances Yang p. 133

SEAOC LCA Study - Comparing Environmental Impacts of Structural Systems
Anthony B. Court, Lisa Podesto, Patti Harburg-Petrich.. p. 137

An Overview of Modern Wind Farm Tower Design: Recommended Practices and the State of the Art
Nestor Agbayani p. 154

Incorporating Rationally Predicted Structural Behavior into High-Rise Building Design For Optimal Performance
Mark Sarkisian, Neville Mathias, Eric Long, Aaron Mazeika p. 163

Probabilistic Evaluation of Seismic Resilience and Retrofit Options for a 16-Story Laboratory Complex
Joe Maffei, Lawrence Burkett, Andreas Schellenberg, Paolo Bazzurro p. 180

Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel – Designing Beyond the Code
Jason Krolicki, Nicholas Christie, Brandon Sullivan, Mary Ferguson, Michael Willford, Ibrahim Almufti p. 208


Full-Scale Dynamic Testing of Soft-Story Retrofitted and Un-Retrofitted Woodframe Buildings
John W. van de Lindt, Pouria Bahmani, Mikhail Gershfeld, Gary Mochizuki, Michael D. Symans, Xiaoyun Shao, Weichiang Pang, Elaina Jennings, Steven E. Pryor, Ershad Ziaeim, Douglas Rammer, Jingjing Tian p. 219

A Timber Skyline? Review of Structural Systems for High-Rise Wood Structures
Lisa Podesto, Scott Breneman p. 229

Maximizing Value for Mid-Rise Construction
Scott Breneman, Lisa Podesto p. 240

Distributed Knee-Brace (DKB) system as a complete or supplemental retrofit for a soft story low rise wood frame building
Mikhail Gershfeld, Charles Chadwell, John van de Lindt, Weichaing Pang, Ershad Ziaei, James Ferguson, James Au, Joel Savage, Stephen Gordon p. 248

Recommended Live Loads For Rooftop Solar Arrays
Colin Blaney, Ronald LaPlante p. 264

New Publications and Activities from the SEAOC Solar Photovoltaic Committee
Ronald LaPlante, Joe Maffei p. 280

Interim Report of Testing of Tension-Only Steel Anchor Rods Embedded in Reinforced Concrete Slabs
W. Andrew Fennell, Gary L. Mochizuki, Steven E. Pryor, Kevin S. Moore, Geoffrey A. Laurin p. 283

Voided Slabs – Concrete Solutions for Long Spans and Heavy Loads
Attila Beres p. 288

Near Contact Explosive Effects of FRP Composites for Column Hardening
Zachery I. Smith, Joseph Magallanes p. 297

Implications of Changes in the Standoff Requirements of UFC 4-010-01 to Window Design
Nicholas Oberts p. 306

Seismic Retrofit of a 1960s Steel Moment-Frame High-Rise Using a Pivoting Spine
Bill Janhunen, Steve Tipping, John Wolfe p. 320

Effect of Built-up Box Column Electro-slag Welding on Cyclic Performance of Welded Steel Moment Connections
Mark Sarkisian, Peter Lee, Rupa Garai, Gulen Ozkula, Chia-Ming Uang p. 337

Deep Column Sections in Steel Special Moment Frames
Scott Adan p. 354

Sensitivity Study of Flexibility Assumptions of Steel Moment Frames Subjected to Earthquake Loading
Rakesh Pathak, Bulent Alemdar, Raoul Karp p. 363

Full Floor Height Special Truss Moment Frames for Twin Tower Hotel High-Rise
Dihong Shao, Bill Williams, Brian Walkenhauer p. 371

Building Seismic Risk Assessment – The Approach Being Taken Across NZ
Helen Ferner, Rob Jury, Mark Spencer p. 376

Allowing Damage to the Foundation: Is It All That Bad?
Anindya Dutta, Nicholas G. Wetzel, Stephen T. Bono, David L. McCormick, John F. Sumnicht p. 392

Seismic Certification: What the Practicing Structural Engineer Needs to Know
Matthew Tobolski p. 401



SEAOC Wind Committee Status Report
James S. Lai, Ron LaPlante p. 406