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College of Fellows

SEAOC’s College of Fellows welcomed five new members to its ranks during the induction ceremony on September 14, 2017.  Front Row, left to right, 2016-2017 Board President Christopher Kamp, new Fellows Y. Henry Huang (SEAOSC), Ali Sadre (SEAOSD), Farzad Naeim (SEAOSC), Darrick Hom (SEAONC), William Staehlin (SEAOCC), and incoming 2017-2018 SEAOC Board President Janah Risha.  In the back row are their respective introducers: Bob Bachman, Chuck Mendenhall, SK Ghosh, Maryann Phipps, and Art Ross.  


The SEAOC Board of Directors established the College of Fellows in 1994 to honor esteemed members who have provided distinguished service to the association and made outstanding contributions in the field of structural engineering. Each SEAOC member organization nominates prospective fellows based on a set of criteria that includes demonstrated skill and achievement in structural engineering, contributions to the profession through publication or presentations, service to their Member Organization or SEAOC, and service to the public through participation on boards and bodies relevant to structural engineering.

As of 2016, the College of Fellows annually selects and awards the "SEAOC College of Fellows Scholar" grant to a graduate student studying Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis. Learn more.

Below is a complete list of Fellows and the year in which they were inducted.


Y. Henry Huang (SEAOSC)
Ali Sadre (SEAOSD)
Farzad Naeim (SEAOSC)
Darrick Hom (SEAONC)
William Staehlin (SEAOCC)


Jon Heintz (SEAONC)
John Weninger (SEAOCC)
Williston (Bill) Warren (SEAOSC)
Colin Blaney (SEAONC)
Jim Amundson (SEAOSD)
Douglas Thompson (SEAOSC)


Grace Kang (SEAONC)
Joe Maffei (SEAONC)
Doug Magee (SEAOSD)
Edwin Nicholson (SEAOCC)
Michael Cochran (SEAOSC)


Christopher Kamp (SEAOSD)
Thomas Sabol (SEAOSC)
Fred Schott (SEAOSC)
Gregory G. Deierlein (SEAONC)
Rafael Sabelli (SEAONC)


Kelly Cobeen (SEAONC)
Anthony Court (SEAOSD)
Douglas Hohbach (SEAONC)
Nabih Youssef (SEAOSC)


Ray Flores (posthumous) (SEAOSD)
Richard Hess (SEAOSC)
Bret Lizundia (SEAONC)
John A. “Trailer” Martin (SEAOSC)
Andy Merovich (SEAONC)


David Bonowitz (SEAONC)
Bob Dyson (SEAOSD)
Martin Johnson (SEAOSC)
Charles Kircher (SEAONC)
Doug Krug (SEAOCC)


Tom Hale (SEAOCC)
Daniel McNaughton (SEAOSD)
Reinhardt Ludke (SEAONC)
Ronald L. Mayes (SEAONC)
Jack Bruce (SEAOSC)
Brian Cochran (SEAOSC)


Bob Englekirk (SEAOSC)
Jon Kiland (SEAONC)
Lee Biggers (SEAOSD)
Mark Saunders (SEAONC)
Terry Dooley (SEAOSC)


Gregg Brandow (SEAOSC)
James Armhein (SEAOSC)
Jack Moehle (SEAONC)
David McCormick (SEAONC)
George Saunders (SEAOSD)


Dan Novak (SEAOSC)
Jim Malley (SEAONC)
Ed Diekmann (SEAONC)
Carl Josephson (SEAOSD)
Chris Tokas (SEAOCC)
Klyne Beaumont (posthumous) (SEAOCC)


David Breiholz (SEAOSC)
James Lai (SEAOSC)
Charles Hope, Sr. (SEAOSD)
David Bonneville (SEAONC)


Manny Morden (SEAOSC)
Mel Green (SEAOSC)
Steve Pelham (SEAOCC)
Ron Dahlin (SEAOSD)
Roland Sharpe (SEAONC)
Bill Holmes (SEAONC)


Anil K. Chopra (SEAONC)
Maryanne Phipps (SEAONC)
Robert Hendershot (SEAOSD)
Ronald Nelson (SEAOSC)
James Roberts (SEAOCC)
John Shipp (SEAOSC)


Helmut Krawinkler (SEAONC)
Chris Poland (SEAONC)
Norman Scheel (SEAOCC)
Robert Bachman (SEAOSC)
Allan Porush (SEAOSC)


Walter Buehler (SEAOCC)
Ronald Gallagher (SEAONC)
Theodore Zsutty (SEAONC)
John Robb (SEAOSC)


Eric Elsesser (SEAONC)
Ronald Hamburger (SEAONC)
Gerald Lehmer (SEAOSC)
Carl Johnson (SEAOSC)
Bob Burkett (SEAOSD)
Kenneth Luttrell (SEAOCC)


Robert Tobin (SEAOSC)
Mamory Kanda (SEAOSC)
Loring Wyllie (SEAONC)
Robert Preece (SEAONC)
Art Ross (SEAOCC)
Scott Stedman (SEAOSD)


Thomas D. Wosse (SEAONC)
Edward J. Teal (SEAOSC)
Henry C. Reyes (SEAOCC)
Mel Mark (SEAOSD)
George Housner (SEAOSC)
Stephen E. Johnston (SEAONC)


Vitelmo V. Bertero (SEAONC)
Leslie W. Graham (SEAONC)
Ephraim G. Hirsch (SEAONC)
Ted M. Christensen (SEAOSC)
Donald R. Strand (SEAOSC)
Edwin H. Johnson (SEAOSD)
H. Patrick Campbell (SEAOCC)


Edwin G. Zacher (SEAONC)
Nicholas F. Forell (SEAONC)
John F. Meehan (SEAOCC)
James A. Willis (SEAOSD)
John C. Kariotis (SEAOSC)
Richard J. Phillips (SEAOSC)


Eugene Cole (SEAOCC)
Frank E. McClure (SEAONC)
Joseph Nicoletti (SEAONC)
John C. Lovenguth (SEAOSC)
Donald K. Jephcott (SEAOSC)
James R. Libby (SEAOSD)


Albert J. Blaylock (SEAOSD)
Thomas A. Atkinson (SEAOSD)
Ajit S. Virdee (SEAOCC)
Jimmie R. Yee (SEAOCC)
Jack S. Barrish  (SEAOCC)
John M. Coil (SEAOSC)
Ben L. Schmid (SEAOSC)
Clarkson W. Pinkham (SEAOSC)
John A. (Jack) Martin (SEAOSC)
Roy G. Johnston (SEAOSC)
William T. Wheeler (SEAOSC)
Edwin G. Zacher (SEAONC)
Daniel Shapiro (SEAONC)
Egor Popov  (SEAONC)
Michael Pregnoff (SEAONC)
John Blume (SEAONC)
Paul F. Fratessa  (SEAONC)