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SEAOC’s Relationship to the USRC

Thursday, December 15, 2016  

The following was adopted by the SEAOC Board during the board meeting of October 11 and 12, 2016. This was developed in recognition that it is appropriate and necessary for the SEAOC Board to clarify how it anticipates that SEAOC and USRC will interact with each other as the work of the USRC continues, as does the work of SEAOC’s Earthquake Performance Rating Systems (EPRS) Committee. This is intended to allow both organizations to move forward with their individual work (SEAOC with forward progress on rating systems, and USRC with implementation of rating systems) while being informed of the work of the other and considering coordination where appropriate. The following was developed at the SEAOC Board level with the input of an ad-hoc committee from the SEAOC Board. In addition, an in-person information-gathering meeting occurred between several SEAOC board members and USRC Executive Director Ron Mayes. This notification is intended to inform interested SEAOC members.

  • SEAOC will continue to support in concept the USRC, its mission and objectives.
  • SEAOC is agreeable to continue to be listed on the USRC web site as a Founding Member.
  • If the USRC activates the membership category of Sustaining Member, SEAOC will not become a Sustaining Member.
  • SEAOC does not anticipate providing additional monetary support to the USRC at this time.
  • SEAOC will modify its participation in the USRC Seismic Rating Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Founding Member Committee (FM), to the extent that they are active, as follows:
    • One designated SEAOC representative and one alternate will be assigned by SEAOC and will act as liaisons rather than voting members.
    • The representative and alternate will be selected from the SEAOC EPRS committee, and tasked with communications between USRC and the EPRS committee, as well as the SEAOC Board.
    • The representative and alternate will keep the USRC TAC apprised of EPRS activities.
    • The liaison and alternate will replace all ten members of the FM and TAC pulled from the membership of SEAOC and the MOs, of which two are currently serving at the request of SEAOC and two from each of the four SEAOC Member Organizations (SEAOSD, SEAOSC, SEAONC, and SEAOCC).
  • The SEAOC Board will consider, when appropriate, whether to provide liaisons to USRC TACs addressing hazards other than seismic. We understand that TACs are under consideration to be formed for high wind and blast ratings.
  • The SEAOC Board will continue work with the SEAOC EPRS Committee to help facilitate meaningful progress on current committee charges.
  • This document is not a formal MOU, nor does SEAOC intend to provide one.
  • SEAOC does not give permission to use SEAOC work products before they are released and properly licensed, even if USRC or other organizations have access to meetings or development underway.  In other words, SEAOC will not pre-release its Intellectual Property to the USRC or any organization.

Persons wishing to provide comment to the SEAOC Board should do so in writing to Executive Director Don Schinske.