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A message from SEAOC President Joyce Fuss

Thursday, May 23, 2019  

By Joyce Fuss, SE, SECB, LEED AP
SEAOC President 2018-2019

With spring in full bloom and the associated effects, so SEAOC is seeing the growth in our efforts beginning to blossom and we are looking forward to the fruits of the hard work of many on our committees and working groups.  This is a time of new growth comes with renewal of past projects and the completion of some new ones.
I am pleased to report that SEAOC has signed an MOU with EERI for the Functional Recovery working group.  The SEAOC Ad-hoc Functional Recovery group is in progress of being established over the next month and representatives to the joint EERI effort will selected as well.  The goal is to have a SEAOC group of about 10-12, with at least 5 selected to represent SEAOC in the joint EERI effort.
The legislative committee has been hard at work under the direction of chair Ryan Kersting and our executive director Don Schinske.  As the process unfolds there are both opportunities and challenges, but we are excited to be the sponsor of a bill for the first time.  See Ryan’s report linked in this newsletter, which will be the first part in a series as the bills move through the legislature and we see which ones make it to the floor vote stage of the year.  Our appreciation to the committee for their tireless commitment to supporting a safer environment for our great state.
Another project that is coming to fruition is the Fire Bulletin produced by our Ad-Hoc Fire Committee, with recommendations for safe and effective involvement with post-disaster evaluation of structures damaged by fire.  Please check out the introduction by chair Devon Lumbard in the May SEAOC Talk newsletter, and log in with your member information to view the bulletin.  Also look for some informative presentations at the 2019 SEAOC convention in Squaw Creek by the Fire committee members including a preview of a new publication -a wildfire guide for structural engineers.
On another note, SEAOC is convening a group with representative from each MO to review options for insurance to cover the work and events of our Associations.  We will be evaluating the various types of coverage (Directors and officers, errors and omissions for our publications and seminars, and general liability) along with cost and the need for each type and range of coverage.  This is a topic that has been discussed at the local level by each of the MO’s and has come up off and on over the last few years.
Finally, last but not least for this month be on the lookout for the 2019 SEAOC Convention registration to go live towards the end of this month!  I hope to see you there, it will be an experience to remember in a beautiful setting.