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News: Legislative Updates

SEAOC Legislative Alert: Please ask Governor Brown to sign AB 1857 and AB 2681

Friday, August 31, 2018  

SEAOC supports two seismic safety bills – AB 1857 (Nazarian) and AB 2681 (Nazarian) – that recently moved to the Governor’s Desk after passing floor votes in the California State Senate and Assembly.  Here are link to the current versions of the bill, which have been amended throughout the process:

AB 1857 creates an advisory group (that includes SEAOC) to explore and make recommendations on updating the performance standard of the California Building Code from life-safety to “functional recovery.”

AB 2681 requires local jurisdictions in high-seismic areas to inventory their “potentially vulnerable” structures.  The work would not conflict with local inventory/retrofit programs underway.

SEAOC’s Legislative Committee has been closely engaged on both bills by providing technical assistance, lobbying legislators in the Capitol, and testifying in legislative committees.  SEAOC supports both bills as they represent necessary advancements of seismic risk mitigation. The bills provide a framework through which SEAOC and the structural engineering community can study and promote new seismic performance objectives for our buildings and better understand the risks posed by existing buildings. Our communities’ recovery following a major earthquake will be improved by these bills.

We are asking all SEAOC members to contact Governor Brown ASAP to urge him to sign both AB 1857 and AB 2681.

Here’s what to do:

1) Here is a template letter for AB 1857 and a template letter for AB 2681.  Personalize the yellowed areas and feel free to customize the content as you wish. 

2) Send your letter to Governor Brown via:

The Governor’s website form 


Fax: (916) 558-3160 


US Mail:

Governor Edmund G. Brown
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

3) Send a quick email to the SEAOC office,, to let us know that you took part.

Feel free to contact Don Schinske or Ryan Kersting with any questions.  Thank you.

Janah Risha
SEAOC President

Ryan Kersting
SEAOC Legislative Committee Chair