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SEAOC Members are also NCSEA Members

Sunday, February 19, 2017  

By Chris Kamp, S.E., F.SEAOC, 2016-2017 SEAOC President

Most of our SEAOC members are aware that a portion of our dues are designated to contribute to SEAOC’s membership in NCSEA (National Council of Structural Engineers Associations).  NCSEA is an association of the many individual state structural engineer associations in the United States. 

Since the introduction of the International Building Code as a national code, a primary purpose of NCSEA has been to provide a more influential and unified voice for the structural engineering community when addressing building code changes and other national interests.   The membership of SEAOC constitutes a large portion of the overall membership of NCSEA and we have representation with delegates to NCSEA.  In addition, SEAOC currently has individual members on the NCSEA Board and on many of the NCSEA committees. 

However, you may not be aware that the membership in NCSEA is not solely an organizational membership.  Each SEAOC member is also an individual member in NCSEA and have access to the benefits of the NCSEA and can participate in NCSEA on an individual basis. 

The most visible benefit of the NCSEA membership is receiving the electronic newsletter Structural Connection and the hard copy STRUCTURE magazine which is published each month and sent to each of our members.  The individual benefits can be found on the NCSEA website and include: 

  • STRUCTURE magazine, the leading monthly magazine for structural engineering, in both print and electronic versions. The electronic version is only available for NCSEA, SEI and CASE members via log-in through the online portal.
  • Structural Connection, NCSEA’s monthly member newsletter with information on NCSEA and MO activities and events.
  • NCSEA Webinars, the opportunity to purchase NCSEA live and recorded webinars.
  • Access to the development and revision process of codes and standards.
  • Membership discounts for NCSEA events and educational opportunities such as:  NCSEA webinars & Structural Engineering Summit; NCSEA books & publications; Select ICC publications, available via a link in the online member portal
  • Access to the NCSEA and the NCSEA Young Member LinkedIn online groups.
  • Opportunities to participate in NCSEA committees. 
  • For Young Engineers, access to resources from the NCSEA Young Member Support Committee, and the opportunity to apply for scholarships to the NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit.
  • Access to the NCSEA member portal. This portal allows NCSEA members to access their information, events, registrations, NCSEA PDH hours, and committees online, as well as provide access to NCSEA member-only documents and information.

With regard to participation on committees, I strongly encourage that each of our members participate in the committees provided by each of their regional M.O.s, and in the SEAOC committees.  SEAOC does have a strong presence in the NCSEA committees and our collective voice is heard.  However, if desired, there is also the opportunity to participate as an individual member directly in the NCSEA technical committees.   

We encourage our members to take full advantage of the benefits available to each of you through your local regional M.O., SEAOC, and NCSEA.