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News: SEAOC News

A message from SEAOC President Chris Kamp

Wednesday, February 22, 2017  
By Chris Kamp, S.E., FSEAOC, 2016-2017 SEAOC President

The first thing that I would like to mention is not a pleasant item.  I am sorry to report that Lee Adler, our former SEAOC Executive Director, passed away in January.  Lee served SEAOC with distinction and passion from 2000 to 2012, until his retirement for some well-earned time for travel and enjoyment of life.  I was fortunate to serve on the Board with Lee at the helm for several years and saw firsthand the benefit that he brought to our organization.  For more about Lee, please see the memorial article included in the February SEAOC Talk Newsletter.     

On a more pleasant note, the SEAOC Board of Directors recently met in San Diego on January 21st.  A couple items of note during the meeting include:

  • The Board has voted to reconvene the SEAOC Professional Practices Committee.  SEAONC and SEAOSC have similar committees in place, however it is felt that this is a good time to provide this as a statewide committee.  A first charge for the committee will be to update the SEAOC “Recommended Guidelines for the Practice of Structural Engineering in California” which is long overdue.  There are subjects such as BIM formats, project delivery methods, sustainability, performance based design, and more that have become fairly common in our profession and our members will benefit from the development of practice standards related to these items as well as a venue to help define the practice of structural engineering.  SEAOC is looking for representatives from the regional organizations to establish the state committee.  If any member is interested please contact your local M.O. board.
  • SEAOC provided stakeholder representation at the NIBS Hazard Mitigation Saves 2 meeting in Washington D.C. on February 9th.  This was a meeting with follow up communications involving representatives from many industries associated with the physical, financial, jurisdictional, and other entities that may be affected by a natural hazard event and what processes might be put in place to help mitigate the possible damages.  Our representative was Kevin Moore from SEAONC.   Thank you Kevin.
  • SEAOCC will be sending some members to represent SEAOC on the California Senate Floor during Engineers Week this month.

In addition to the SEAOC Board meeting, NCSEA held their Board of Directors meeting in San Diego on January 20th.   The NCSEA Board and the SEAOC Board held two combined sessions which covered several topics relative to both of our organizations.  The discussions were open and informative for both organizations.  Topics of discussion included:

  • How best to provide benefits to our members and making sure that our members are informed of the benefits available through their membership in SEAOC and NCSEA.  Satisfying our members and increasing our membership are vital aspects for the future of both organizations.
  • Marketing of the structural engineering profession to the public. 
  • Developing increased communications between our groups and between the technical committees of both organizations.
  • Exploring the development of more partnerships for educational material, publications, and webinars. 
  • Discussions were held concerning the organizational procedures and election procedures for both NCSEA and SEAOC in an effort to become more transparent to each other.
  • The SEAOC Convention and the NCSEA Summit are annual signature events for both organizations.  Discussions involved the content, the siting, and the timing of the events relative to participation by our members to either or both events.
  • Licensure for structural engineers.  This is an item of concern not only in California, but in other states as well.

As we all know, social interaction can create a better bonding atmosphere than sitting in meetings all day.  Following the first day of meetings, the members and companions of the combined boards met for an enjoyable dinner at a Spanish restaurant in the Gaslamp District in San Diego.  Stories were told and the commonalities that we all have as structural engineers were evident.  A great time was had by all.  Pease see the photo of Tom Grogan and myself shaking hands across a table of good food and drink.

I would like to thank Tom Grogan, President of NCSEA, for scheduling the NCSEA Board meeting in California to be a combined meeting with SEAOC.  I believe that this time together will truly lead to more understanding and cooperation for our two organizations.